Free App To Pay For Photos And Selfies That You Take On Your Phone

The app is available to anyone with an iPhone 4 or above to make sure it has a good enough camera for high quality photos.

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The Sun reports that a free app could pay you for the photos of your food, dog or even for taking a selfie.

Stockimo is a photo app that lets you sell the pictures on your phone to magazines, newspapers and designers.

The app is available to anyone with an iPhone 4 or above to make sure it has a good enough camera for high quality photos.

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Stockimo is owned by stock photography site Alamy.

The website sells pictures that are used in everything from adverts to calendars and magazines.

The firm behind the app is after a wide variety of photos to cater to loads of different customers, so a picture of your cat might be just as valuable as a photo from a breaking news story.

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Stockimo say that on average you can earn $95 from selling a photo, but you only get 20 per cent of each sale, which works at $ 19 per photo sold.

When you upload a snap to the app it gets sent to Stockimo and the experts will decide whether or not they want to buy your photo.

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It will then be rated out of four, photos with a rating of two or less will be rejected.

Pictures that are offensive, contain nudity or are tagged incorrectly will not be accepted.

If your photo is a success then it will go on sale right away but you have to wait for someone to actually before your photo before you'll get any cash.

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You'll receive the funds through Paypal at the end of month, but you have to have earned more than$9.

The same photo can be sold multiple times so several small sales can add up.

Although, some customers have complained that they only receive tiny amounts of money for sales on the app.

MartyC73 tweeted "More impressive than the $0.42 that I got for my last sale."

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But the app seems to be prone to glitches and some budding photographers have complained about not being able to upload photos, so it's worth bearing in mind.

If photography isn't your bag, the Fleetwit trivia app lets you earn prizes of up to $ 2,029 by competing with others to answer rapid fire trivia questions.

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After all that hard work quizzing and selling photos it time for a glass of wine, a new app helps you find a bottle of wine to go with your food.

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